Accuracy, elegance, punctuality are for us not to effect the words but the essence of who we are: 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AT YOUR SERVICE.


The BIESSE products are characterized, thanks to the quality achieved through years of experience, for the care and attention with which we treat the image of our client.


Thanks to the efficiency of our technical department,
we can MEET ANY KIND OF NEED linked to the customization
of your article.



Nothing thoughts.
In the Lombardy region
we maintain DELIVERY CARRIAGE at the premises indicated
with our van

Our products


Bags with applied hook

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Polyethylene and polypropylene bags

Protective seals in polyethylene and polypropylene with various types of closure: adhesive, pressure sealed, with slider and locks, with plastic attachment, may be customized in up to 4 colours, only the highest quality materials are used, BHT free.

Polyethylene garment covers

We can provide polyethylene garment covers for hanging garments, which is supplied in loose coils prewelded. They can be neutral or customized with your brand. We also have some neutral formats available in stock.


Of various formats: simple, with opening, in small envelope style with lithograph or silkscreen print, in card of various types of relief and thickness, in card and material combined, in plastic.
We provide a cord threading service in cotton, rayon, satin, or security seals.

Clothes hangers

In black or coloured plastic, velvety or anti-skid, in raw or painted wood, may be customized with small plaques, plastic or padded.

Box wardrobes

Boxes and cases for shipment of hanging garments to avoid ironing, with availability for prompt delivery in our warehouses.

Taking advantage of the support with handles patented, disponbiile smooth or notched, the new SB Box is the easiest answer to the problem of fast and safe delivery of the leaders

Security seals

Double faced security seals in plastic or metal, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Busts for costumes and underwear

Busts for costumes and underwear for men, women and children, made of polystyrene.
Thickness 12/10 in stock.

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes in PP or PVC, both neutral or customized.

Woven and printed labels

In satin, taffeta, cut and folded, warm cut, tagged zip pullers with buttonhole, tubular bands printed on polyester or satin, adhesive or in PVC.

Colour files

Colour files in adhesive card for samples, available in warehouse in black or white with 4/6/8 windows, we can produce customized files for your every need  in your own fabrics or yarn.

Hygienic protections

Self adhesive hygienic protection available in warehouse, we can provide customized print and different formats.


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